EAGLE Water Treatment Systems

Système de traitement d’eau central Silver EagleMade in Made in CanadaCertificationEagle Silver Water Treatment System

The water treatment system Silver Eagle is provided with a specific electronic control. The electronics on this valve give to the owner the facilities to use these multiple functions. While the system is in service, the screen will post in alternation the current time of the day and how much gallons are available while the unit is in service.

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Eagle Gold Water Treatment SystemMade in Made in CanadaCertificationEagle Gold Water Treatment System

The very best in water treatment! The Gold Eagle features an advanced water conditioning control that regenerates with less salt and less water than most conventional water softeners.

Using “Smart Memory”, the Gold Eagle tracks and records your daily water usage regenerating only when necessary. Saving as much as 60% of the water and salt intake during this process. A fully adjustable control valve and a user-friendly touch pad makes customizing easy for those challenging water problems. This state-of-the-art equipment also features variable upflow brining with floating reserve to ensure the optimum in efficiencies.

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Système de traitement à Osmose Inversée EagleCertificationPurification by Eagle Reverse Osmosis

Considered among the great technological breakthroughs of this century, the Eagle Reverse Osmosis process purifies water at the molecular level. Purification by Eagle Reverse Osmosis, E-RO-001, represents a big step above filters of any type. You can feel confident that the full spectrums of impurities are removed including those excess dissolved salts. That’s why so many bottled water companies use it.

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How does the Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System work?

By squeezing ordinary tap water (using your house water pressure) against a special membrane, pure water molecules are separated from impurities. What’s even more impressive is that these rejected impurities are automatically rinsed down the drain leaving bottled quality water for you that’s pure and delicious.

We have combine this fantastic Eagle Reverse Osmosis process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your kitchen sink. It provides you with an abundant supply of true bottled quality water without the bottles from its own attractive spigot. We can even hook up your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser!

Eliminates in 5 steps
  1. Sediment filter: Sand, sediment, silt
  2. Pre-Carbon filter: Insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine
  3. Pre. 5-Micron filter : Dirt, rust, turbidity
  4. RO membrane : Inorganic minerals, nitrates, arsenic, barium, copper
  5. Post-Carbon filter: Final polish

Refroidisseur avec Osmose inverséReverse Osmosis Cooler

CW-698 Free Standing R.O. System

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our water distributor which can be installed in an office, an industry or even your home. With an electronic control to distribute cold and hot water 24 hours per day, this is the logical and natural choice for all.

Caractéristiques du CW-698 Refroidisseur avec Osmose inverséCW-698 Features:

Production / day : 75, 100 GPD

Dimensions : D35 x W33 x H105 cm

Eagle water filters (Well...)

Eagle has the system to correct any water problem in the most efficient and economical way and Eagle dealers provide a full range of products and services allowing you to select Eagle…with confidence.

Chemical Free Iron Filter – Eagle CF

Automatically and efficiently remove soluble iron (ferrous or « clear water »), precipitated iron (ferric or « red water ») and bacterial iron. It is safe and very economical, requiring no messy and expensive chemical regenerants. Automatic backwashing frees the filter of impurities and readies it for operation again.

Taste and Odor Filter (Activated Carbon) – Eagle AC

Unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine and decayed vegetation are absorbed by top quality activated carbon. Automatic backwashing cleans the filter and readies it for operation again.

Turbidity Filter (Multi-Media) – Eagle MM

Suspended particulate matter such as clay and silt which give water a cloudy appearance are trapped in the filter bed to provide clean, clear water. Automatic backwashing cleans the filter and readies it for operation again.

Acid Neutralizing Filter – Eagle NF

Special media raises the pH of acidic water, neutralizing its corrosive characteristics, protecting pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances. This filter may also be used in tandem with a manganese greensand filter for the removal of iron. Automatic backwashing cleans the filter and readies it for operation again.

Clean Station

Clean Station

Reclaim your life…with the Clean Station
The only clear choice for all your indoor air quality needs
You can expect:

  • A cleaner fresh smelling home
  • Less dust and dander, pollen, particles, mite and mite waste, bacteria, mold and fungi
  • Less dangerous airborne micro-organisms/chemicals/gases
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

This powerful unit is designed with the chemically sensitive in mind. The Clean Station is the ultimate in air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, micro-organisms and gases for a healthier indoor air environment.
FAD Listed Class II Medical Device.

Hello to you,

I, Gilles Leblanc, I have severe asthma and I must live with pumps to help me to breathe. I had to take them 3 times per day because I missed air, but thanks to the purification system, I breathe much better and I am capable to make several things that I was not able to do. When I started, I noticed that after 5 hours, I breathed thousand times better. Thanks to that, I am not obliged anymore to take my pumps to survive; I just need that my air is purified. Thank you very much.

Merci beaucoup,
Gilles Leblanc